Thru Axle Compatibility Issues [SNAP]

General Thru Axle Compatibility:

Though the KICKR SNAP is compatible with most bikes as described in the KICKR SNAP Bike Compatibility Guide, select Thru Axle bikes may be incompatible due to the design of the dropouts or rear derailleur:


The style of dropouts on this Santa Cruz bike prohibits the adapter from protruding into the clamp which secures the frame. Image credit:


Bikes with a closed or capped dropout on the the drive side (as pictured above) are incompatible since they prohibit KICKR SNAP from clamping to and securing the exterior of the frame (and dropouts). If a thru axle bike is unable to support an extended thru axle and cap as included in the KICKR SNAP Thru Axle Adapter, it is unlikely to be compatible with KICKR SNAP.



Additionally, KICKR SNAP’s adapter clamps should not come into contact with the bike frame.

Disclaimer: Because of the wide variety of bicycle makes and models, it is not possible for Wahoo to guarantee KICKR SNAP compatibility with all bicycles matching these parameters. To fully ensure compatibility, we recommend visiting a local Wahoo retailer to test your bicycle’s fit before purchasing. Please take note of the “Known Incompatible Bikes” listed below. While Wahoo has conducted tests on KICKR SNAP safety and compatibility with certain bikes, the KICKR SNAP end user is ultimately responsible for ensuring that their bike frame is compatible with the KICKR SNAP trainer such that damage to the bike frame does not result from use.

Wahoo Fitness strongly discourages altering trainers to fit bikes deviating from the following specifications including (but not limited to) grinding-down components, adding washers, or improperly reversing spacers as these may void your warranty and increase inherent risk. Wahoo Fitness is not liable for any damage or injury related to improper installation, modification, or misuse of hardware.

Known Incompatible Bikes:

The following bikes are NOT COMPATIBLE with KICKR SNAP:

  • E-bikes, single speed, track, and/or recumbent bikes
  • Bikes with Mavic Speed Release or other ("double lead") thru axles
  • 2020+ Bianchi Sprint
  • 2021+ BMC Teammachine ALR Disc Two
  • 2021+ Cannondale bikes with carbon frames and/or alloy Topstone models
  • 2022+ Felt IA
  • Some Santa Cruz bikes
  • 2019+ Specialized Roubaix
  • 2020+ Trek bikes with a recessed thru axle hole
  • 2023+ Trek FX Sport hybrids [or any bike using the Trek Thru-skew standard]
  • 2023+ Trek Marlins [or any bike using the Trek Thru-skew standard]

Additionally, if you have a thru axle bike, please confirm with the manufacturer that it uses one of these supported thru axle thread patterns:

  • M12 x 1.75 Coarse
  • M12 x 1.5 Medium
  • M12 x 1.0 Fine*

* not "double lead" variants

If you have further questions, please visit a local Wahoo Fitness retailer to test your bicycle’s fit or contact support before purchasing.

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