Using CORE with an Apple TV

To use your Wahoo smart trainer with an app running on Apple TV (ie. Zwift, Fulgaz, etc) paired over Bluetooth®, follow the steps below:


  1. Download and install the desired app on your Apple TV and login or register.
  2. Ensure that your trainer is on and that all previously paired devices and apps are off or have Bluetooth disabled.

  3. Once logged in, locate the app's settings to pair your trainer (if not automatically prompted).
    Your trainer should be paired in the app as either a controllable trainer or a power meter.

  4. Pair one* additional sensor of your choice (ie. cadence, heart rate, etc).

  5. After completing a workout, be sure to unplug your Apple TV to avoid any potential interference with your trainer in other apps.


*When pairing with the Apple TV, only two sensors can be paired at a time (including the trainer). This is a platform limitation for which few workarounds exist. To maximize data on your ride, we recommend using a two-in-one sensor like the TICKR X which sends both heart rate and cadence metrics simultaneously to supported apps. Note that while three or more sensors may be paired, only two sensors (including the trainer) can send data at a time directly to an Apple TV.

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