Device compatibility [Wahoo app]

This article describes minimum operating system mobile device/tablet for compatibility with the Wahoo Fitness app. For ELEMNT Cycling Computers or RIVAL smart watch, see the compatibility article for the ELEMNT companion app. For device compatibility/minimum device requirements for other 3rd party apps, please check that app's website.


iOS 16 +

The Wahoo app for iOS is designed to work with any Apple device on iOS 16 or later. To check the iOS version of your Apple device, please see Apple's support article Find the software version on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

As the app is updated frequently, please download the Wahoo app for iOS from the Apple App Store before purchase to ensure compatibility.


10 +

The Wahoo app for Android is designed to work with devices running Android 10 or later.  Please note, this is limited to Android operating systems, rather than Android-based or skinned operating systems like Oxygen or Harmony.

As the app is updated frequently, to confirm compatibility with your phone, please download and install the app before purchase.


Wahoo products

The following Wahoo devices are supported in the Wahoo Fitness App:

  • KICKR smart bikes
  • KICKR smart bike trainers trainers (KICKR, MOVE, CORE, SNAP, ROLLR)
  • KICKR CLIMB and HEADWIND bike trainer accessories
  • TICKR, TICKR X, and TICKR FIT heart rate monitors
  • RPM Speed & Cadence and BlueSC cycling sensors
  • POWRLINK Zero pedals

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