Customize Settings [HEADWIND]

You can adjust the speed or heart rate at which the KICKR HEADWIND blows at minimum and maximum. If you need greater airflow, select lower values. For a quieter ride with less airflow, adjust these settings to higher values.



Adjust the Speed or Heart Rate for Minimum & Maximum Fan Speed

Pair KICKR HEADWIND with the Wahoo Fitness App for iOS or Android to adjust min and max fan speed.


  1. With the KICKR HEADWIND plugged in and Bluetooth® enabled on your mobile device, open the Wahoo Fitness app and tap Sensors.

    Note: On Android, be sure to also enable location services.

  2. Select Add New Sensor to search for available sensors.

  3. Choose HEADWIND from the list.

  4. Always Upgrade Firmware if available and follow the directions in the app for the newest features and best experience.

  5. Once updated, select Save device to add it to the saved sensors list.

  6. Mark the workout profiles KICKR HEADWIND will be active for (Indoor Cycling, Treadmill, etc.) then select Done to complete pairing.

  7. On iOS, select HEADWIND once saved to open the sensor page.

  8. Select desired mode to adjust (Speed or Heart Rate).

  9. Set min and max values for speed or heart rate. KICKR HEADWIND will blow at its minimum or maximum speed at the values selected.



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