Update Firmware on a KICKR HEADWIND

Pair KICKR HEADWIND with the Wahoo Fitness App for iOS or Android for important updates and fine-tuned controls.


  1. Download the Wahoo Fitness app for iOS or Android. If already downloaded, be sure to check for updates in the app store.
  2. Login to your Wahoo Cloud account or complete a new user registration and fill out your personal profile.
  3. Power on and/or wake your sensor (by shaking for RPMs or touching the contact points for TICKR), ensuring the LED lights flash, then follow the prompts to pair or link sensors, then add a new sensor.
  4. Pair the sensor
    • Navigate to the Devices tab
    • Select + Pair New (or the + sign if another sensor is paired)
    • Select the desired sensor.
    • See the Pair a sensor article for screenshots of this process.
  5. Navigate to the Devices tab.
  6. Select the sensor and open the sensor details page.
  7. Update Firmware will appear under the sensor name.
  8. Ensure that the sensor is only connected to the Wahoo app on your phone or tablet (and not also to Zwift, TrainerRoad, or another app on another device) and that your phone is not paired to any other Bluetooth® devices (including headphones or smartwatches) and then
  9. Select Update Firmware and follow directions to update the sensor firmware.
  10. Once the update is finished, you're prompted to toggle Bluetooth off and back on in the iOS or Android Settings app to refresh the connection. We also recommend you power cycle or restart your sensor by unplugging them for 30 seconds after an update (if the device can be powered off. You do not need to remove batteries from sensors).

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