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How do I Pair the ELEMNT/BOLT to a New Device?

To pair with your device, the ELEMNT/BOLT displays a QR code to be scanned with a camera which can be accessed with the following steps:

  1. Quickly press the left-side button on your ELEMNT/BOLT to display the menu
  2. Scroll (with the right-side buttons) to either "PAIR PHONE" or "FORGET PHONE"
  3. Your device may reboot, displaying the QR code when it powers back on
  4. If the QR code does not immediately display on reboot, return to the settings menu on the ELEMNT/BOLT and select "PAIR PHONE" - the QR code should now be shown
  5. Return to the ELEMNT Companion App on your device, then navigate to the settings menu to add the ELEMNT/BOLT

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