Using a Quarq TyreWiz Pressure Monitor with ELEMNT, BOLT, or ROAM



Pairing TyreWiz via ANT+

  1. Access the ELEMNT menu using the left side button
  2. Use the Down button on the right side of the ELEMNT to scroll down to ADD SENSOR
  3. Press the Center button to select ADD
  4. Press the Right button to select MORE, then shake the TyreWiz to wake the sensor
  5. Select the sensor type for the sensor you wish to pair
  6. Hold ELEMNT near TyreWiz, then select the sensor using signal strength or ANT ID
  7. Select SAVE by pressing the center button
  8. If desired, accept the option displayed to add air pressure as a data field on the ELEMNT
  9. Repeat the pairing process for your second TyreWiz, if applicable


Configuring TyreWiz Sensors

  1. After connecting your TyreWiz, open the ELEMNT menu again using the left side button
  2. Select the TyreWiz from the listed sensors using the ant+ ID stamped on the side
  3. Once the TyreWiz is chosen, configure by selecting front or rear
  4. If using 2 TyreWiz, repeat the above process for the second sensor - the ELEMNT will display both front and rear in a single data field split as Front / Rear

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