How Do I Customize the CLIMB to My Bike's Specifications?

Enter your bike's Wheel Circumference, Bike Type, and Wheelbase from the KICKR or SNAP page in the Sensors section of the Wahoo Fitness App to ensure your CLIMB is properly leveled and adjusted for your specific bike. This sets the the CLIMB's level (0% grade) to the proper position and makes other minor adjustments to keep your CLIMB experience problem free.



  1. With your KICKR CLIMB paired to your KICKR or SNAP (instructions here), open the Wahoo Fitness App and tap Sensors.

  2. Select your smart trainer from the list of saved sensors. If it's not saved, simply tap Add New Sensor [+] to select it on the Add New Sensor page.

  3. On the KICKR sensor page, wait until the trainer is fully connected (up to 90 seconds), then ensure KICKR CLIMB Connected is displayed like below.

    Note: If the CLIMB does not show as connected, power off the KICKR, then unpair the CLIMB while the KICKR remains off. Next, power on the KICKR and re-select it on the Add New Sensor page. Once connected, pair the CLIMB once more to see it appear.

  4. Modify Wheel Circumference, Bike Type, and Wheelbase values on the sensor page to customize them to your bike.

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