KICKR CLIMB Grade Simulator Information and Setup


Take your indoor training to the next level - literally! The KICKR CLIMB Indoor Grade Simulator adds physical

grade changes to your indoor rides, bringing even big outdoor climbs directly into the pain cave. Compatible exclusively

with KICKR and KICKR SNAP 2017 editions (or newer), the KICKR CLIMB pairs not only with your trainer, but many

third party apps already available. Whether you're riding a virtual course or cranking through a structured workout,

your trainer's resistance combines with assents and descents for a truly immersive indoor training experience!


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Product Information

  • KICKR CLIMB is exclusively compatible with these Wahoo smart trainers and newer (older versions and third-party trainers are not compatible):

        •  • KICKR v4 (2018)+

        •  • KICKR v3 (2017)*
      •  • KICKR CORE

      •  • KICKR SNAP (2017)


    *Please check your specific KICKR '17 serial number as outlined in the Identify KICKR by Serial Number section beneath the image below.



    Identify KICKR by Serial Number:

    Find the KICKR serial number on the drive side of the KICKR flywheel as shown below:


    Serials of KICKR trainers must meet these requirements to be KICKR CLIMB compatible:

    •   The first two digits must start with 17 or greater (ex: 17TRNR220001 and 18TRNR000001 are both compatible)

    •   If the first two digits are 17, the two digits immediately after 17TRNR must be 22 or greater (ex: 17TRNR220001 is CLIMB compatible, while 17TRNR219999 is not)


    KICKR trainers with serial numbers that do not meet these requirements are not climb compatible.

    • Part Number: WFBKTR5

    • Max Incline: 20%*

    • Max Decline: -10%*

    • Weight: 27 lb

    • Metrics: Current Grade

    • Dimensions: 25.75" H x 5.1" W x 7" L

    • Supported Hubs: QR, 12x100, 15x100, 15x110

    • Wireless Software Updates: Yes

    • 3rd Party App Compatible: Yes, when paired to a KICKR or KICKR SNAP

    *Exact grade changes dependent on bicycle size, wheel size and trainer type.

    • KICKR CLIMB Unit

    • Power Adapter

    • Adapters: Quick release; thru axle adapters for 12x100, 15x100, and 15x110 hubs

    • Quickstart Guide

    • Important Product Info Guide

  • Always observe these precautions when riding the KICKR CLIMB to avoid serious bodily injury or equipment damage.

    • Consult your physician before beginning or modifying any exercise program.

    • Ensure bicycle is properly secured before every ride. Only use KICKR CLIMB with approved Wahoo Fitness smart trainers.

    • Remember to check all bicycle components after removing the KICKR CLIMB to ensure safety before riding elsewhere.

    • Do not exceed 250lbs weight limit. Excessive weight on the KICKR CLIMB may cause failures and/or permanent damage.

    • Only use the power adapter provided with the KICKR CLIMB. Keep power adapter away from heated surfaces.

    • Never place the power cord under carpeting or in confined spaces which can accumulate heat.

    • Do not place objects or furniture on the power cord as these can pinch or damage it.

    • Use KICKR CLIMB only on a stable, level surface. Use caution standing while riding. Do not dismount with components in motion.

    • Wear appropriate clothing and shoes while using KICKR CLIMB. Avoid any clothing which may get caught in moving parts.

    • Do not put hands, body parts, or other objects near moving parts. Keep children and pets away from KICKR CLIMB while in use.

    • Take caution when handling the KICKR CLIMB after workouts as it may become hot with extended periods of use.

    • Only use this exercise product as intended and described in this guide. Do not modify the product in any way.

    • Riders are responsible for reading instructions completely before riding. Wahoo Fitness is not responsible for any damages from improper installation or misuse.



  • Download the full Wahoo KICKR CLIMB Quick Start Guide as a PDF for instructions in English and other languages.


  • The KICKR CLIMB ships with four adapters designed to fit both quick release and thru axle forks. Check your bike's manufacturing specifications to select the right adapter for your bike before proceeding. Additionally, be sure to set up your KICKR CLIMB and trainer on a clean, non-slippery, and fully level surface to prevent injury or equipment damage.

      1. Insert the correct adapters for your bicycle into the axle holes in the CLIMB, as shown below.

      1. Install your bicycle on an approved trainer following the trainer's provided instructions. Only use an approved trainer as specified in the SMART TRAINER COMPATIBILITY section above to avoid damage or injury.


      1. Remove your bicycle’s front wheel and center the KICKR CLIMB just in front of the fork.



        • Use the quick release skewer (1) included with the CLIMB.

        • Insert the quick release skewer (1) into the KICKR CLIMB.

        • Lower your fork (2) to fully seat the fork’s dropouts on the skewer. Ensure the fork is level and the dropouts are lowered completely onto the skewer to prevent injury or damage.

        • Tighten the quick release acorn nut and clamp the lever closed, securing your bicycle. The nut should be tight enough to leave an impression on your hand when clamped.



        • Use the thru axle (4) included with your bicycle.

        • Lower your front fork (3) to align the dropouts with the holes in the center of the thru axle adapters.

        • Finish mounting your bicycle by inserting the thru axle (4) through the fork and the CLIMB's adapters, tightening securely.

  • Once your bike is mounted on the KICKR CLIMB, you're ready to plug it in and get it paired with your KICKR or KICKR SNAP. Before pairing however, you'll need to ensure your setup meets the following requirements.


    Pairing Requirements:


    Pair with KICKR, CORE or SNAP:

      1. Ensure KICKR CLIMB and smart trainer are plugged in and powered with the blue LED illuminated on the KICKR CLIMB remote.

      2. Press and hold the center lock mode button on the KICKR CLIMB remote for 3 seconds until the center white LED flashes steadily.

    1. Hold the CLIMB's remote near the KICKR or KICKR SNAP until the center white LED flashes quickly, then turns solid. The center white LED remains illuminated and solid while connected and successfully paired to the smart trainer.

    2. Once paired, be sure to update your KICKR CLIMB firmware and input your bike's settings into the Wahoo Fitness App before riding.


    After updating and inputting your bike's settings, you're ready to go! Use your KICKR CLIMB with any compatible app in unlocked mode.


    NOTE: KICKR CLIMB always starts and wakes in locked (AKA manual control) mode to prevent it from moving unexpectedly. Tap the center lock button on KICKR CLIMB to enable unlocked mode (indicated by the remote's blue LED moving to the unlocked side) for control through any app that sends grade data to your smart trainer.




      • Always reset KICKR CLIMB to level before riding by double tapping the center lock mode button, then counterbalance the CLIMB (like a pendulum) by raising the handlebars until the unit is off the ground, allowing it to swing freely and come to a complete stop before setting it down. This ensures the CLIMB is accurately positioned directly below the fork to counter any slip from previous rides.

      • Only counterbalance after leveling the CLIMB by double tapping the center lock mode button.

      • Ensure your Wheel Circumference, Bike Type, and Wheelbase are properly configured for your bike from the KICKR or SNAP page in the Sensors section of the Wahoo Fitness App. See full instructions here.

      • Keep handlebars straight while riding. Always keep the CLIMB properly centered with your bike and on a level surface.

      • Do not use the CLIMB on unstable surfaces or "rocker plates." Misuse voids the warranty and may cause serious injury or damage.

      • Keep your riding area clear of obstacles. Ensure no part of your bike impacts other surfaces (like the Wahoo Desk) while riding.

      • Always check bike components (especially the brakes) before riding outdoors.
  • Once your KICKR CLIMB is paired with your KICKR, CORE or SNAP, you can start a workout using either option below:

    • Use the CLIMB in the Wahoo Fitness App (instructions here) for grade control through your phone from the KICKR Control Page.

    • Pair your smart trainer with a supported third party app like those found in our recommendations here.

      Note: Since grade changes depend on route information, ride experience may vary with route.

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