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How to Update KICKR CLIMB Firmware (Android)

This page describes how to update firmware from an Android device.
For iOS devices, please see How to Update KICKR CLIMB Firmware? (iOS).

Note: KICKR CLIMB firmware can only be updated from iOS or Android devices. 

Wahoo updates your KICKR CLIMB's firmware (a kind of software) frequently to deliver the best indoor training experience possible. Ensuring you have the latest firmware resolves many issues, keeping you climbing at your best.



  • Bluetooth® enabled Android device on Android 6 or newer
  • Your Android device actively connected to the internet over WiFi
  • The newest version of the Wahoo Utility app (please check for updates in the Play store)
  • Your KICKR or KICKR SNAP on the latest firmware (instructions here)


Update Steps:

Ensure Bluetooth and location services are enabled in your Android settings and that your device is within 5 feet of the KICKR CLIMB, then follow these steps to pair:


  1. With the Wahoo Utility app (note: not to be confused with the Wahoo Fitness app) open and the KICKR CLIMB powered on, find the KICKR CLIMB on the default "Discover Devices" page. Tap to connect once it appears.

  2. Please be patient as the KICKR CLIMB can take up to 90 seconds to connect. Once connected, the app will show the firmware version and the option to Upgrade Firmware, as shown above.

  3. Tap Upgrade Firmware then Yes to start the update process.

  4. Leave your Android device near the KICKR CLIMB until the update is complete. If the update fails, restart the process by fully closing and reopening the Wahoo Utility app. You may also need to reboot the KICKR CLIMB itself by disconnecting the power for 30 seconds, then reconnecting it.

  5. Once notified the firmware upgrade is complete, just fully close the Wahoo Utility app (to prevent any possible interference) and your KICKR CLIMB is ready to ride! Simply pair with the KICKR (instructions here) and start a workout in the Wahoo Fitness app using the grade controls on the KICKR Control Page (available by swiping right during a workout). Your KICKR CLIMB is also ready to use in supported third party apps, if preferred. Since the CLIMB pairs with your KICKR, you need only pair the KICKR to a third party app and ensure your CLIMB is in unlocked mode to experience physical elevation changes as you ride!


If issues updating persist, please take a look at our signal interference article to eliminate possible conflicts with other devices and try again.