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Original SNAP Firmware Updates

This page contains firmware update notes for the original SNAP without external LEDs. 

For firmware update notes for the new SNAP, see SNAP Firmware Updates

For update instructions, see How to Update Wahoo Smart Trainer Firmware

Original SNAP v2.3.59 - 4 October 2017

  • Brake model: recalculating brake strength from raw spindown results to allow for updating the brake strength model.
  • Brake model: improved brake strength model
  • FE-C: fixed error causing FE-C to send raw instead of filtered power as instantaneous power
  • Fixed 3rd Party Power meter support

Original SNAP v2.2.51 - 23 January 2017

  • Fixed an issue surrounding power/resistance spikes
  • ANT+ FE-C communication fixes
  • Added option for acceleration power in ERG mode, this will report power from the SNAP similar to a crank-based power meter

Original SNAP v2.1.4 - 12 May 2016

  • ANT+ FE-C Control :

The addition of ANT+ FE-C support allows the KICKR and SNAP to be controlled from any FE-C enabled device or application, such as a Garmin bike computer

  • Improvements to reported power and improvements to simulation mode:

The improvements to the measured power during periods of acceleration improve the feel of the trainer when using simulation mode (for example, when using Zwift).