How to mount a RPM Speed sensor

Mounting the RPM Speed sensor on spin bikes is not supported. For details, please see Are the RPM Speed and Cadence Sensors compatible with Spin Bikes?


  1. Slide the Wahoo RPM speed pod into the mount supplied. Make sure the Wahoo logo is facing outwards on the flush side of the housing and the back of the Wahoo SPEED faces toward the hook side of the mount. The hooks should be facing downward.
  2. Slide the rubber shim-strap into the back (the hooked) side of the mount so that the three prongs of the strap fit snugly up against the top two hooks of the housing. The Wahoo RPM Speed is now ready to fit to the hub of either wheel as per your preference.
  3. While holding the back of the mount against your selected hub, gently stretch the strap portion of the rubber shim-strap around the hub and secure using the bottom two hooks on the mount. When installed correctly, the Wahoo RPM Speed  should not be in contact with any other parts of your bike.

For pairing instructions see How to Pair a Sensor to the Wahoo app for iOS or How to Pair Sensors to my ELEMNT, BOLT, or ROAM.

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