Open in App/Low Battery Message on RFLKT+

Please follow the steps below if you receive an Open in App Message on your RFLKT:


1- Remove the battery
2- Flip the battery upside down and reinstall
3- Leave battery installed upside down for 30 seconds
4- Remove the battery and reinstall correctly
5- Make sure the rubber o-ring is back in place and put the battery cover back on

Then complete the following steps:

1- Go to the phone's Settings app -> Bluetooth -> forget RFLKT pairing by clicking the "i" icon next to it.
2- Power on the RFLKT and then hold the top two buttons until it shuts off.
3- Restart your phone.
4- Go in to the Wahoo Fitness app -> Sensors -> RFLKT -> Forget Sensor
5- Now go back and click on Add New Sensor and when the app is searching, power on the RFLKT
6- When the RFLKT pops up, click in on it and click Save Sensor