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Wahoo Fitness Workout Basics iOS:

Wahoo Fitness Workout Basics (iOS):


Starting a Workout (iOS):

  1. Make sure the device has Bluetooth turned on so it can communicate with your Blue SC.
  2. Select what kind of workout you wish to do from the list of workout types using the slider.
  3. Select if you wish to have Audio Announcements turned on or off.
  4. Wake up your Blue SC by rotating your rear wheel or crank arm until the magnet passes by the sensor.
  5. Make sure the Blue SC is synced to your device. It will appear in the list of Linked Sensors for that workout profile with an indication of signal strength shown on the far right when it is connected to your device.
  6. Select the green “Start” button to begin the workout. Information gathered from your Blue SC will now start to be displayed on your device.



  1. To end your workout, simply select the red “Pause” button.
  2. Select the red “Stop” button and either a) Discard Workout b) Save Workout or c) Return to Workout.
  3. If you elect to finish the workout, the Wahoo Fitness app will now display a summary of your workout.