Wahoo App for iOS Workout Basics

Starting a Workout (iOS)

  1. Make sure the device has Bluetooth turned on so it can communicate with any saved sensors.
  2. Select what kind of workout you wish to do from the list of workout types on the Workout page.
  3. Wake up your saved sensors to ensure they're active and ready for pairing.
  4. Make sure your sensors are paired to your device by checking the Linked Sensors for the selected workout profile - sensor signal strength is indicated to the right.
  5. Select Start to begin the workout. Information gathered from your sensors will be displayed.


Ending a Workout (iOS)

  1. To end your workout, simply select the red Pause button, then select the red Stop button to either (a) Discard Workout, (b) Save Workout, or (c) Return to Workout.
  2. If you elect to save and finish the workout, the app will then display a workout summary with performance details and other sensor information.

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