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How do I pair my sensor to the Wahoo Fitness Android app?

How to Pair your cycling sensor to the Wahoo Fitness app (Android):


  1. Download the Wahoo Fitness app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Open the Wahoo Fitness app. Make sure you have Bluetooth turned on.
  3. Wake up your sensor by rotating your rear wheel or crank arm until the LEDs begin flashing.
  4. Select “Saved Devices” in the top right corner.
  5. Select the plus “+” icon to add a new sensor.
  6. Choose your sensor from the list of available sensors.
  7. Once certain you are connected to the correct sensor, select “Save Device”.
  8. Choose the workout profiles you would like your sensor to be active for (ex. Cycling).
  9. Select “Ok” to complete the pairing & workout selection process.
  10. Use the Back button to exit the menus and return to the Home Screen.


Your sensor is now set up and ready for action. To use your sensor, start a workout with one of the profiles you paired it with. The Wahoo Fitness app will remember this pairing in the future. You simply need to wake up your sensor and start a new workout to begin recording data!

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