How to Pair a Wahoo Smart Trainer with the Wahoo Fitness App for iOS

This page provides instructions for pairing Wahoo Trainers with Apple devices running iOS 10 or newer.
Android pairing instructions are available here.


Pairing a Wahoo Smart Trainer with the Wahoo App


Ensure Bluetooth® is enabled in your iOS settings and that your device is within 5 feet of your trainer, then follow these steps to pair:

  1. Open the Wahoo app and check that your trainer is plugged in and powered on.

  2. Select LINKED SENSORS in the bottom section of the Workout page.iOS_Wahoo_App_Sensors.jpg

  3. Select Add New Sensor.

  4. For full setup (especially helpful for Wahoo trainers and KICKR BIKE) choose the Setup wizard, or Quickly pair a new sensor for quick setup.

  5. Choose your Wahoo trainer from the list of available sensors.

  6. Once certain you are connected to the correct trainer, select Save Sensor.

  7. Choose the workout profiles you would like your trainer active for (ex. Indoor Cycling), then tap Done in the upper right corner.

    Note: if pairing a new trainer while logged into the Wahoo Cloud on the app's Profile page, this step also automatically registers the trainer and sends any included promo codes to the email associated with the Wahoo Cloud.

  8. Upon establishing a connection with a trainer, the Wahoo app automatically checks for the newest firmware updates. If an update is available, the app will display a prompt to Update Now.

  9. Click Update Now and leave your iOS device near the trainer until the update completes.

  10. Once the update is finished, you're prompted to toggle Bluetooth® off and back on in the iOS Settings app to refresh the connection. We also recommend you restart your trainer by unplugging it for 30 seconds after an update.

Your Wahoo Smart Trainer is now paired and ready for action! Start a workout in one of the profiles you marked the trainer active for to get started. Swipe right within a workout to access detailed KICKR controls and workout modes. For more details on workout modes see What Are the Different Modes on My Smart Trainer?


Since the Wahoo Fitness app remembers saved devices, you can avoid the sensors page next time and simply start a new workout to get kickin!