Is My Bike Compatible with the Original KICKR '14?

Note: This page shows bike compatibility with the original KICKR '14. For newer versions please use this guide.

Hub Width:

130mm (road) or 135mm (mountain)

Rear Axle:

Quick Release or 12x142mm thru-axle (with purchase of adapter kit)


  • Out of the box (11 speed):
    • SRAM/Shimano 11-speed
  • With purchase/installation of new cassette:

Note on 11-speed compatibility: the rear derailleur may contact the plastic cover when shifting into the largest (easiest) cog/gear on the cassette. This may prevent use of the cog.

Rear Wheel Size:  

24" RD / 24" MTB / 650c RD / 26" MTB / 700c RD / 650b (27.5") MTB / 29" MTB

Disc Brakes: 

The KICKR is compatible with bikes equipped with disc brakes; however, for rotor sizes smaller than 160mm the caliper may interfere with the trainer. In this case you should unbolt the caliper to avoid damage to either the KICKR or your bicycle. The KICKR also includes a plastic pad spacer for hydraulic disc brakes.

Recumbent Bikes: 

Because there are so many different forms of recumbent bicycles, we cannot guarantee the fit of your recumbent on the KICKR.  Consult your local bike shop for assistance in determining if your recumbent will work with the KICKR.

Track Bikes: 

A typical track bike has a hub width of around 120mm. This is not compatible with the KICKR. 

Single Speed Bikes: 

Assuming the hub width is either 130mm or 135mm, a single speed bike can be compatible with the KICKR, but requires an aftermarket conversion kit like this one from Surly, a bit of know-how, and some elbow grease. That said, compatibility is not guaranteed for single speed bikes and are generally not recommended with the KICKR. Please consult your local bike shop for additional assistance and mounting options when possible.


The KICKR can support most 12x142mm thru-axle bikes with the purchase of our 12x142mm Adapter Kit found here.  Other thru-axle standards are not supported.