Adjusting Trainer Height (Wheel Size Adjustment)

The KICKR is compatible with various wheel sizes. Once the KICKR is set to the correct height, your bicycle will sit level to the floor. A front wheel block is not required. NOTE: For accurate power calculations, the wheel size must still be set in the App you are using.

Determine Your Wheel Size:

The KICKR comes from the factory in the 24” MTB / 650c RD setting. You will most likely need to adjust this to fit your specific bicycle wheel size. The five available settings for the KICKR are:

  • 29” Mountain Bike
  • 650b Mountain Bike
  • 26” Mountain Bike / 700c Road Bike
  • 24” Mountain Bike / 650c Road Bike
  • 24” Road Bike

To determine your wheel size, consult the side wall of your tire. The tire will usually give a wheel size followed by tire width, e.g. 700x23 or 26x2.25.  ***Depending on tire size, you may find that moving up or down one setting actually optimizes your bike's position. The size markings are a guide, rather than a requirement.

Step-By-Step Instructions:

1)      The KICKR should be on a level surface with the legs in the open position to stabilize the trainer.

2)      Remove the height adjust knob.

3)      Using the labels on the center leg, move the trainer into the position which corresponds with your rear wheel dimensions. 

4)      Insert the height adjust knob and tighten until you see threads protruding from the opposite side of the height adjust arm. Do not over tighten the knob.

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