How to Update Firmware on Wahoo Smart Trainers (Android)

This article describes how to update firmware for Wahoo Smart Trainers (KICKR / CORE / SNAP / ROLLR / BIKE) via the Wahoo App for AndroidFor iOS devices, please see How to Update Firmware on Wahoo Smart Trainers (iOS).

Note: the Wahoo Smart Trainer firmware can only be updated from iOS and Android devices. 

Wahoo updates your KICKR's firmware (a kind of software) frequently to deliver the best indoor training experience possible. Ensuring you have the latest firmware resolves many issues, keeping you cranking and on the podium.



  • Bluetooth® enabled Android device on 5.1 or newer
  • Active internet access over WiFi
  • A KICKR that is plugged in and not connected to any additional apps or devices (ensure apps and any previously connected devices are not running in the background; the blue LED blinks slowly when fully disconnected)


Update Steps:

Ensure Bluetooth is enabled in your Android settings and that your device is within 5 feet of the KICKR, then follow these steps to pair your KICKR to the Wahoo App for Android:


  1. If you've previously connected your KICKR,  select it from the LINKED SENSORS section at the bottom of the Workout tab (also accessible from the Sensors section of the Settings tab). If your KICKR isn't already saved, follow these steps to pair.

  2. Once your KICKR is paired and fully connected to the Wahoo app, tap the prompt to Update Firmware which appears at the top if a new version is available.

  3. Tap INSTALL UPDATE and the firmware will download and update automatically. For best results:
    • Do not disconnect your KICKR from the power source or your app
    • Keep the app open and in the foreground throughout the update and keep Bluetooth® on
    • Keep you android device stationary and within 5 feet of the KICKR to avoid signal interruptions

  4. If the update fails, restart the process by fully closing and reopening the Wahoo app. You may also need to reboot the KICKR itself by disconnecting the power for 30 seconds, then reconnecting it.

  5. The app will notify you once the firmware upgrade is complete. Your Wahoo KICKR is now updated to the latest firmware!

  6. After updating, we recommend restarting the KICKR by disconnecting the power for 30 seconds, then reconnecting it before use.


If issues updating persist, please take a look at our signal interference article to eliminate possible conflicts with other devices and try again.