Offline Workouts with TICKR X

Offline Workouts 

The TICKR X records heart rate across time whenever it is installed until the internal memory is reached. Current TICKR X v2 (2020) models can record 50+ hours of offline workout data. The v1 TICKR X is limited to 16 hours.

Auto sync of offline workouts.

Offline workouts are synced automatically whenever the Wahoo Fitness app is open and connected to an active TICKR X. If you don't have a strap handy, you can wake the TICKR X by touching both metal terminals on the back with your hand until the blue light flashes. Don't forget to ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your device.

Manual sync of offline workouts

If an offline workout does not sync to the Wahoo app automatically, they can be accessed and synced into the Wahoo app using the following these steps:

1. In the Wahoo Fitness app, select the My sensors from the Home tab.

2. Select TICKR X.

tickr-offlineworkouts1-crop-sm.png tickr-offlineworkouts2-crop-sm.png


3. Select Device free workouts.

4. Select the download icon to the right of the workout you wish to download.

tickr-offlineworkouts3-crop-sm.png tickr-offlineworkouts4-crop-sm.png


The workout will then appear in the History tab of the Wahoo app.


Note: TICKR X offline workouts under 5 minutes are not accessible.

Manual sharing of offline workouts

The TICKR X is always recording HR data, whether actively connected or not. In order to prevent nuisance duplicate offline workouts being shared with workouts actively recorded with the Wahoo app, offline workouts are not auto-shared, and can only be shared with third party apps manually.


How do I know that the TICKR X is recording an offline workout?

If the TICKR X is not connected to any other app or device, the TICKR X will record an offline workout whenever it is worn and detects your heart rate. You can confirm the TICKR X is active by double tapping the TICKR X.

How long does my offline workout have to be?

The TICKR X will not sync workouts less than 5 minutes long.

How long of a workout can I record on a TICKR X offline?

While the original TICKR X can record up to 16 hours worth of workout data, the  TICKR X v2 (released in 2020) can record 50+ hours worth of offline workout data.

If data recorded since the last sync begins to exceed available onboard memory, both TICKR X versions will delete the oldest workouts as necessary to free up additional memory.



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