How Do I Sync TICKR X Offline Workouts in the Wahoo Fitness App?

Offline workouts sync automatically whenever the Wahoo Fitness app is open and connected to an active TICKR X. If you don't have a strap handy, you can wake the TICKR X by touching both metal terminals on the back with your hand until the blue light flashes. Don't forget to ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your device.

Though workouts under 5 minutes long are not saved automatically, these can be accessed on iOS following these steps:

  1. In the Wahoo Fitness app, select Sensors

  2. Select TICKR X and scroll down

  3. Select Offline Workouts

Select the Download icon on the left to save any offline workout to your history in the main menu.


Please note that while TICKR X offline workouts under 5 minutes are not currently accessible from Android devices, workouts longer than 5 minutes can be imported manually (if necessary) with the following steps:

  1. Pair and save the TICKR X from the sensors menu
  2. With the TICKR X actively paired, return to the main menu and select the history button
  3. Pull down to refresh the page and import offline workouts

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