Can I Pair the TICKR with Multiple Devices at Once?



The new TICKR and TICKR X (shown above) support up to 3 simultaneous Bluetooth® devices at once. This means that your TICKR can broadcast to your phone, a bike computer, and smart fan over Bluetooth® at the same time, if desired.


However, Wahoo always recommends only connecting to a single Bluetooth® device at a time where possible to limit the potential for interference and conflicts with residual connections you may or may not be aware of at a later time (ex. pairing with an iPad + smart fan one day, then attempting to pair with phone + bike computer the next may be difficult if the iPad and fan remain on).


Additionally, the new TICKR and TICKR X support one additional simultaneous broadcasting channel over ANT+.







You can pair original TICKRs (shown above) with a compatible ANT+ device (like a running watch or a bike computer) and a compatible Bluetooth® device (like an iOS or Android phone) at the same time without issue.  


However, be aware that multiple connections of the same type are not currently possible over Bluetooth on these devices and, for best results, we recommend pairing original TICKRs with only one ANT+ device at a time as well.

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