My BlueSC is no longer pairing, how do I fix it?

Try these options to get you back on track:

1. Replace the battery*.

2. Try resetting your phone, making sure you close out of all open apps before trying to reconnect again**.

3. Try resetting the BlueSC. To do this:

    • Remove the battery.
    • Flip the battery upside down and reinstall.
    • Leave battery installed upside down for 3 seconds.
    • Remove the battery and reinstall correctly.*
    • Make sure the rubber o-ring is back in place and put the battery cover back on

4. Ensure the Blue SC is properly paired to the Wahoo Fitness app. (Pairing Instructions)

5. Ensure you are selecting a workout profile (example: cycling) that the Blue SC is set to operate within (part of the pairing process).

6. Ensure the Blue SC is properly mounted - Having the magnets too far away from or too close to the sensor can cause issues and the Blue SC must be activated by having the magnets pass closely to the sensor in order for it to be able to pair (Mounting Instructions).


*  While the battery is removed please pull up gently on the connector, sometimes these get pushed down and don't form a strong connection with the battery.



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