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How Do I Pair a Sensor to the Wahoo Fitness app for iOS?

For pairing instructions on Android devices, please see How Do I Pair a Sensor to the Wahoo Fitness Android App?

How to
Pair your cycling sensor to the Wahoo Fitness app (iOS):

  1. Open the Wahoo Fitness app for iOS
  2. Ensure your sensor is awake
  3. Select the sensor icon in the bottom left corner
  4. Select "Add New Sensor"
  5. Choose your sensor from the list of available sensors
  6. Once connected to the correct sensor, select “Save Sensor”
  7. Choose the workout profiles you would like your sensor active for (ex. Cycling & Indoor Cycling)
  8. Select “Done” in the top right corner to complete pairing

Your sensor is now set up and ready for action. Whenever you start a workout in a profile the sensor is set active for, the sensor will provide data in the app. The Wahoo Fitness app remembers the sensor so that you can simply wake it and start a workout to begin recording data!