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How do I share my workout file to another app?

The Wahoo Fitness app will share workouts with a variety of third party apps.


To do so, first you must authorize the third party app to receive information from the Wahoo Fitness app:


1)   Open the Wahoo Fitness app

2)   Select Settings

3)   Select Sharing

4)   Find the app you want to share the workout files with and select it

5)   Once you have selected the correct app, it will prompt you to ‘Login & Authorize’. Enter your login information for that respective app.


Once you have authorized the third party app, you can now share the workout(s):


1)   Go to the Wahoo Fitness app home screen (where your 4 week summary is)

2)   Select History

3)   Select the workout you want to share

4)   Select the share icon in the top right corner

5)   Find the app (such as email or an authorized app like Strava) you want to share the workout file with and select it and it will upload the data to the third party app

6)   You will need to do this for each workout file that you wish to share


* Sharing to Health Kit happens automatically

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