How do I Pair a Sensor to the Wahoo App for iOS?

To add a new sensor to the Wahoo app for iOS, follow these steps:

  1. From the Wahoo app's Workout page, select "Pair or link sensors" if this is your first sensor, or edit to the right of LINKED SENSORS if a sensor is already saved to the selected workout profile.

  2. Select Add New Sensor.

  3. For full setup (helpful especially for Wahoo trainers or KICKR BIKE) choose the Setup wizard, or Quickly pair a new sensor for quick setup (grants speedier access to accessories like the RPM Speed or Cadence sensors, or TICKR).

  4. The app will display all available sensors. Select the one you wish to add.

  5. Select SAVE SENSOR once connected.

  6. Choose which workout profiles you would like the sensor to be active for, then press Done.

  7. The sensor is now paired. Select Back to return to the main workout screen when you're ready to get cranking!