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How Do I Set/Calculate my HR Zones in the Wahoo Fitness App?

To enter your heart rate zones, maximum heart rate, and resting heart rate in the Wahoo Fitness App follow these steps:

  1. Select Settings or More [ ⋮ ] on the home screen.
  2. Select Heart Rate Training
  3. Scroll down and select Edit Heart Rate Zones
  4. Enter your Max HR and Resting HR then click Auto Calculate to fill in the zones. See below to determine your Max and Resting HR.  If you know your specific zones, you may manually enter these instead.

To calculate your maximum heart rate (Max HR), you can use the following formula: 220 - your age = max heart rate.

Find your resting heart rate when you first wake up in the morning before climbing out of bed. To check your heart rate either place your index and middle finger on the radial artery on your wrist in line with your thumb or place your index finger and middle finger on the side of your upper neck on the carotid artery. Count the number of beats in one minute to get your heart rate (Hint: your phone has a stop watch you can time yourself with). Or use your Wahoo Fitness Heart Rate Monitor to measure your heart rate.