How do you set weight ranges on the Balance Scale for multiple users?

The best solution is to not have multiple weight ranges overlap at all. For example user A’s weight range could fall between 140-155lbs and user B could select a weight range of 156-170lbs. By making mutually exclusive ranges the Wahoo Wellness App will be able to identify users based on weights.

If it is impossible to make mutually exclusive ranges set all weight ranges to either really low or really high ranges that neither user will actually weigh into. For example both user A and user B want a weight range of 155-170lbs, but the scale will not allow them to make overlapping ranges. So the solution would be for user A to set a range of 100-115lbs while user B sets a range of 190-205lbs. Since neither user will fall into these extreme weight ranges when stepping onto the scale the Wahoo Wellness app will ask them to manually select a user to assign the weight to each time, as opposed to automatically assigning it.

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