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Android Bluetooth Troubleshooting

1 Ensure Google Location Services are on

Bluetooth connections on Android require Google Location Services to be enabled. Please ensure this is enabled in the system settings.


2 Ensure all app permissions are granted

Bluetooth connections on Android require the location permission to be granted to the Wahoo app. Please ensure all permissions are granted to the app in the system settings.


3 Pair with the app, not the Android Bluetooth Manager

Wahoo devices are to be paired with the Wahoo app, and not the Android System Bluetooth manager.  Make sure the device is not paired with the Android System Bluetooth Settings, and retry discovery from the Wahoo app.

Important: This does not apply to the TIMEX watch series devices as these devices must be paired with the system to function.


4 Check the device is still on

Be aware that your Wahoo device may have an auto-off feature, where it will switch itself off if a Bluetooth connection has not been established within a timeout.  Please ensure your device is switched on and try again.


5 Give it time

Sometimes Android can take up to a minute to establish a connection to your Wahoo device, please give your Android some time (and don’t forget the auto-off).


6 Check the device is not connected to something else

Ensure no other apps, including apps running on other Android / iPhones, are maintaining a connection with your Wahoo device. A Wahoo device can only maintain one Bluetooth connection at a time.


7 Forget and re-discover

Please try ‘forgetting’ the saved device in the Wahoo app and re-discovering.


8 Check for interference

In some Android devices, the Wifi can interfere with Bluetooth connections. Try turning WiFi off and connecting again. Also try moving away from devices emitting WiFi, Bluetooth, and similar signals like routers, GoPros, even power lines.


9 Check for background Bluetooth sync features from other apps

It has been observed that apps that have background Bluetooth sync features such as FitBit and Pebble can interfere with a stable Bluetooth connection, please disable all background Bluetooth features on apps like this.


10 Toggle Bluetooth

Go to your system settings and turn Bluetooth off for about 30 seconds and turn it back on.
NOTE: If you notice the Bluetooth will not switch off and on properly you will need to reboot your device.


11 Reboot

Try rebooting the phone and, if possible, the Wahoo device.


12 Reset Android’s Bluetooth apps

In the Android system settings, go to the app’s section and find the “system app” called Bluetooth or Bluetooth Share.  Clear the storage data on these apps and reboot the phone.


13 Try to connect with other Bluetooth apps

Please connect to the device using the Bluetooth test apps called nRF Connect and SweetBlue Toolbox, available on the Google Play Store.  If you cannot connect using these apps then the problem is more likely with your phone than the Wahoo app.  We recommend raising a support ticket with your phone manufacturer.


14 Contact Wahoo Support

Whether nRF Connect and SweetBlue Toolbox can connect or not, please don’t hesitate to contact Wahoo Support.  The best way is sending a support email from the app itself:

  • Wahoo Fitness app: Go to Info+Help settings screen
  • Wahoo Utility app: Go to Settings > Support > Send Support Email
  • Wahoo ELEMNT Companion App: Tap the blue area behind your profile picture 6 times and select Email Support
  • Website: Visit the Wahoo support website

Please let us know if the connecting with nRF Connect and SweetBlue Toolbox worked or not. This information helps a lot.



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