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My Wahoo sensors won't connect to my Android device.



Q: My Wahoo devices won’t connect to my Android phone…

A: Please be aware that your Wahoo devices have an auto-off feature, where they will switch themselves off if a Bluetooth connection has not been established within a timeout.  Please ensure your devices are switched on and try again.


Q: I’m sure my Wahoo devices are switched on, but it still won't connect...

A: Sometimes Android can take up to 2 minutes to establish a connection to your Wahoo device, please give your Android some time (and don’t forget the auto-off).


Q: I’ve waited forever, ensuring my Wahoo devices are on, and it still won’t connect…

A: Ensure no other apps, including apps running on other devices, are maintaining a connection with your Wahoo device. A Wahoo device can only maintain one Bluetooth connection at a time.


Q: I've verified no other apps are connected to my Wahoo device, now what?

A: Please try ‘forgetting’ any saved devices in the Wahoo Fitness app and re-discover your devices.


Q: New discovery done, but still no connection...

A: OK, it’s likely you’re suffering from Android’s Bluetooth gremlins… please go to your system settings and turn Bluetooth off (for about 30 seconds) and turn it back on.  


Q: What the...?!?  My Android Bluetooth won’t switch off and on properly…

A: This error is indicative of a Bluetooth issue on some Android devices.  It’s time to reboot your Android device.


Q: Turning Bluetooth off and on didn’t help…

A: OK, let’s step up the gremlin hunt.  In some devices, the Wifi can interfere with Bluetooth connections, so go to your system settings and turn Wifi off, then turn Bluetooth off (for about 30 seconds), and Bluetooth then back on.


Q: Wifi is off, and my Wahoo devices still won’t connect…

A: OK, its time to reboot your Android device.


Q: I’ve rebooted my Android Device, and my Wahoo devices still won’t connect...

A: It’s time to contact Wahoo Support.  The best way to do this is from the About screen in the Wahoo Fitness app.


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