TRACKR HEART RATE is Wahoo’s newest, highly accurate, lithium ion rechargeable, chest mounted ECG/EKG heart rate monitor.



Is TRACKR HEART RATE Bluetooth and ANT+ Compatible?

Yes, TRACKR HEART RATE supports up to 3 simultaneous Bluetooth connections and is ANT+ compatible.

Is TRACKR HEART RATE compatible with other charging cables?

The TRACKR HEART RATE includes a USB-C to magnetic interface charging cable, matched to the design used to charge Shokz Open-Ear headphones. The TRACKR HEART RATE’s charging cable can charge Shokz headphones and vice versa. We cannot recommend the use of non Wahoo or Shokz branded charging cables.

Is TRACKR HEART RATE compatible with straps for the TICKR / TICKR X heart rate monitors?

No, it is compatible only with the included TRACKR HEART RATE strap or replacement straps, sold separately.

Can I replace the TRACKR HEART RATE’s battery?

No, the TRACKR HEART RATE’s lithium ion battery is non-replaceable. It can, however, be recharged via the included charging cable, and in optimal conditions is capable of 110+ hours of active runtime between charges.


How do I wake the TRACKR HEART RATE for first use?

To wake the sensor for first use, connect the sensor to its charging cable and a power source.  In order to extend the life of the rechargeable battery and prevent battery drain in shipping and shelf time in the warehouse or at a store, the TRACKR HEART RATE sensor is set in a low-power "shipping" mode at the factory.  The sensor will be unresponsive until connected to its charger and a power source for the first time.

What do the LEDs on the sensor indicate?

See our TRACKR HEART RATE LED behavior article.


Does the TRACKR HEART RATE required another device to capture heart rate data? Can it be used on its own?

TRACKR HEART RATE reads and broadcasts heart rate data in real time. It must be paired to another app or device to record the heart rate data.


Does TRACKR HEART RATE record offline workouts like a TICKR X?

The TRACKR HEART RATE reads and transmits heart rate data in real time only.  It does not record or store offline heart rate data.


Can the TRACKR HEART RATE be used for swimming?

The TRACKR HEART RATE is IPX7 rated and can be submerged in water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes without any damage to the unit. Because Bluetooth signals cannot be transmitted in water and there is no local offline data recording or storage, it is not intended or supported for swimming use.

You can wear it safely during the swimming leg of your triathlon to not lose time in transition, but the sensor will not transmit or store data from your time underwater.


Does the TRACKR HEART RATE capture cadence, vertical oscillation, ground contact time, or other running dynamics?

No, it does not. The TRACKR HEART RATE captures and transmits real time heart rate data. When paired to the Wahoo app for iOS or Android or to one of our ELEMNT GPS cycling computers, the following metrics can be viewed in the activity summary.

  • Average Heart Rate
  • Max Heart Rate
  • Total Calories

Can the TRACKR HEART RATE capture and transmit HRV data?

Yes, when used with a compatible app.  The Wahoo app/Wahoo GPS cycling computers do not currently support HRV display/recording.  

The TRACKR HEART RATE transmits BPM and HRV data once per second via Bluetooth and ANT+. All R-R interval values in the preceding second are captured and transmitted.

TRACKR HEART RATE is not designed or intended to be used as a medical device.



Can I use the TRACKR HEART RATE with an Apple Watch?

TRACKR HEART RATE can be paired to an Apple Watch as an external heart rate monitor as long as the app used on the Apple Watch used supports it.  Apple does not broadcast or export that heart rate data to other apps/devices, however, so in order to record that heart rate data as part of an activity recorded on another app/device, you would need to pair the TRACKR HEART RATE to that other app or device separately.


Care and Storage

What kind of care and maintenance does the TRACKR HEART RATE need?

The TRACKR HEART RATE sensor pod should be removed before gently hand-washing the strap in warm water.  The strap should NOT be machine-washed.  The strap can be rinsed in warm water without the pod between washes to help remove salt deposits from the skin contact pads to ensure optimal conductivity.

The sensor pod should be thoroughly dry before attaching the charging cable.

Because the unit will enter a low power standby mode in 1-2 minutes after detecting no electrical signals from the skin contact pads, the sensor can be stored fully attached to the strap.  If put away while the skin contact pads are still damp, this can occasionally create a false positive for conductivity, resulting in a delay of the sensor entering low power standby mode. This can be prevented by disconnecting the sensor from one of the snap rivets on the strap, breaking the circuit.

As with most lithium ion batteries, in order to optimize battery life, the unit should be stored long-term with at least 30% charge.


Something isn't going right with my TRACKR HEART RATE, how can I fix it?

See our Troubleshooting TRACKR HEART RATE article.

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