Zwift Ride with KICKR CORE FAQ



What is Zwift Ride with KICKR CORE? 

Zwift Ride is a highly adjustable indoor smart bike frame equipped with Zwift Play controller buttons, virtual shifter and brake levers, and buttons for steering. It is bundled with a Wahoo KICKR CORE trainer with a Zwift Cog installed.  Together they are optimized for virtual shifting in Zwift.


Combined Product Dimensions and Weight

Product surface area when setup: 53.5 in L x 23 in W
Product weight: 78 lbs. (CORE 40 lbs, Zwift Ride Frame 38 lbs)

Rider Fit

  • Rider Height Range: 5’ - 6’6” (152-198 cm)
  • Standover Height: 30 in (76 cm)
  • Saddle Height Min-Max: 61cm-87cm (center bottom bracket to top of saddle)
  • Handlebar Height Min-Max: 37 - 43.3 in. (94 - 110 cm)
  • Max Rider Weight: 265 lbs. (120 kg)
  • Crank Length: 170 mm
  • Crank Q-factor: 150 mm

Zwift Ride Frame Specifications

  • Weight: 38 lbs (17.4 kg)
  • Crank: aluminum, 170mm, 1x, proprietary square taper, 9/16x20TPI
  • Chainring: 42 teeth, 104BCD
  • Chain: 98 link, single speed narrow (3/32″)
  • Rear cog: 14t, 3/32 HG splined, + plastic bumpers/spacers (Zwift Cog)
  • Pedals: Plastic flats included (compatible with standard road and mountain pedals)
  • Saddle: 160mm W x 245mm L
  • Handlebar: 42 cm (center to center)
  • Integrated rechargeable controllers, with built-in lithium ion rechargeable battery, (1050 mAh)
  • Controller charger requirements: USB-A, 5v, 1A

KICKR CORE Specifications


  • Requires Bluetooth (BLE)*
  • *Zwift Ride/Zwift virtual shifting requires Bluetooth. Wahoo KICKR CORE can connect via Bluetooth to up to three devices simultaneously, ANT+, and ANT+ FE-C.
  • LED indicator lights confirm the trainer and handlebars are powered, connected, and transmitting via Bluetooth.
  • Speed, distance, cadence, and power are wirelessly transmitted.
  • In-game shifting, steering and UI control via handlebars are wirelessly transmitted.
  • Apple TV users are required to pair through Zwift Companion app on their phone as a bridge to address the Apple TV's limited number of Bluetooth connections.

In the box(es)

Zwift Ride Smart Frame

  • Ride frame
  • Handlebar with controllers
  • Frame key (6mm)
  • 12x142 thru axle
  • Left & Right pedals
  • Phone tray mat
  • Charging cable for controllers
  • Cable tidies


  • KICKR CORE trainer
  • Front + Rear leg
  • Nuts (x4)
  • Bolts (x4)
  • Hex tool
  • Drive and non-drive side adapters for 130/135 QR and 12x142/148 Thru Axle
  • AC power adapter
  • Quick Release Skewer
  • 1.8 mm cassette spacer

*does not include 1-year Zwift membership

Zwift Cog **

Installed on KICKR CORE.
**does not include Click controller





Can I use Zwift Ride/virtual shifting in other apps?

No, Ride's controls and virtual shifting currently only works with Zwift. See this FAQ for more details on Zwift virtual shifting. Some apps, like those that only provide ERG mode workouts, would be fine to use with a Zwift Cog. Others that offer a virtual ride, race, or workout environment that would require you to shift to get the full experience, would need a virtual shifting.


Can I purchase the Zwift Ride without a KICKR CORE?

Not right now, but hopefully later this fall.


Is the Ride compatible with other Wahoo trainers?

Yes, the Ride smart frame is also compatible with KICKR v6, when a Zwift Cog is installed on the v6 and it is updated to current firmware to enable virtual shifting.  Currently the Ride is only available for sale with a KICKR CORE.

The Ride is not compatible with KICKR MOVE (because the RIDE is not designed to move) or other KICKRs, because they are not compatible with Zwift virtual shifting.


What is the warranty and return policy for Zwift Ride with KICKR CORE?

If purchased from Wahoo, the Zwift Ride and KICKR CORE fall under Wahoo's Returns + Warranty Policy

Are KICKR COREs purchased as a bundle with Zwift ride eligible for a discounted 1-year membership of Zwift?

No, COREs sold bundled with Zwift Ride are NOT sold with or eligible for the purchase of a discounted 1-year Zwift membership.

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