• Blue LED slow flash: sensor is awake and searching for a connection
  • Blue LED quick flash: connecting to a device
  • Blue LED solid: connected to the device

LED operation shuts off 30 seconds after waking to conserve battery.


trackrhr-red-400.png trackrhr-orange-400.png trackrhr-green-400.png

When connected to a power source, the LED flashes to indicate battery level while the TRACKR HEART RATE is charging. Charging status can also be checked with the Wahoo app or on your ELEMNT device.

  • Red LED flash: 0-25%
  • Orange LED flash: 25-50%
  • Green LED flash: 50-99%
  • Green LED solid: Fully Charged

Low Battery Indicator

trackrhr-orange-400.png trackrhr-red-400.png blanktrans400x300.png

When not connected to a power source and the battery level is below 25%, the LED will flash to indicate a low battery state.

  • Orange LED flash 3x: 5-25%
  • Red LED flash for 2 seconds: 0-5%

Below 5%, the pod will shut down. If powered on below 5%, the LED will flash red for 2 seconds, then shut down again.

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