Add or Edit an Activity (manual text entry or import .FIT file) [Wahoo App]

You can now add an activity into your Wahoo app History using the Add Activity function.  You can add an activity by manual text entry or uploading a .fit file.


The Add Activity function in accessed by navigating to the History tab, and selecting the (+) add icon button in the upper left corner.

wad-historyselected-300.png wad-history-addactivityselected.png blanktrans300x600.png


Add an activity manually

For workouts that you wish to document in your Wahoo activity history, but don't have a .fit file recording of to import, you can manually input various details about the activity.

  1. Enter the details of the workout.
  2. Select Create
  3. Select Done.
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Upload a file to create an activity

For workouts completed in an app/on a device outside of the Wahoo ecosystem, you can now import .FIT files of the workout using the Add Activity > Upload function. 

  1. Select Upload. 
  2. Select Upload .fit file.
  3. Select the desired .fit file from your phone's file system. Files will have to be exported/downloaded to your phone from other apps in order to be imported.
  4. Confirm the workout import.

After a few minutes, the activity should appear in your activity history.


wad-history-addactivity-upload-300.png wad-history-upload-openfile-300.png wad-history-importworkoutconfirm-300.png
wad-history-fileuploadadded-300.png blanktrans300x600.png blanktrans300x600.png


Share an added activity

Various third party apps/services (Training Peaks, Strava, RideWithGPS, etc) have distinct criteria about what a file must contain in order to be shared.

  • No activities will be shared automatically.
  • No manually created (text entry) activities can be shared with a third party app/service.
  1. Select the 3 dots icon in the card of the activity you wish to share.
  2. Select Sharing.
  3. Select the Share button next to the service to which you want to share the activity. The status will change from not shared, to in process, to shared
    oa-history-optionselected300.png oa-history-menu-sharing-300.png oa-activitysharing-300.png

Edit an activity summary details

Recorded, manually created, and imported activity summaries can now be edited in the Wahoo app History.  

NOTE Only the activity summary details in the Wahoo app can be edited. The .FIT file is not changed by the editing process and the unchanged .FIT file will be uploaded to the third party app server when shared.

  1. Select the 3 dots icon in the card of the activity you wish to share.
  2. Select Edit activity.
  3. Select the activity value you wish to edit and enter the new value with the keyboard or number pad that appears.
    • Note, some values are calculated from other values and cannot be edited.
  4. Select the Save button.
    oa-history-optionselected300.png oa-history-menu-editactivity-300.png oa-history-editactivity-save-300.png
  5. If you wish to remove all edited values and return them to the original values, select the Revert to File Data button and then Save.
    oa-editactivity-reverttofiledata-300.png blanktrans300x600.png blanktrans300x600.png

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