Music control [ELEMNT]

Second generation ELEMNT computers can control native music apps on your phone.  A Music Control Page is added to the end of the page stack when the computer detects a podcast, music, or video playing.  The ELEMNT will not switch to that page automatically.

You can play/pause the audio track, adjust volume, and skip/fast forward/rewind.


  • BOLT v2 or ROAM v2


  • ELEMNT BOLT v2 or ROAM v2 Firmware version: 16764+
  • ELEMNT app version 1.79.1+ (iOS) or (Android)
  • ELEMNT app for Android must be allowed notification access.
  • An active connection between the ELEMNT computer and the ELEMNT app

Audio Apps Supported

The feature uses the phone's operating system music service, so the great majority of music/podcasting apps should be supported. Any noted exceptions will be listed below.

Enable the feature

  1. Ensure ELEMNT firmware is up to date on version 16764+
  2. Ensure the ELEMNT app is up to date on version 1.79.1+ (iOS) or (Android)
  3. Ensure the ELEMNT is paired / actively connected to the ELEMNT app.


Use the Music Control Page


Pause / Resume

  • Middle button
r2-musiccontrol-pause-r300.png r2-musiccontrol-resume-r300.png blanktrans300x400.png


Skip to next track

  • Upper right side button

Back to track start / previous track

  • Lower right side button, once to return to track start, twice to reach previous track?
r2-musiccontrol-skiptrackforward-r300.png r2-musiccontrol-skiptrackback-r300.png blanktrans300x400.png



  • VOL (left front button),
  • then (+) or (-) (right side buttons to adjust volume up or down),
  • then Back (left front button) to return to main music control screen.
r2-musiccontrol-accessvolume-r300.png r2-musiccontrol-volumeupdown-r300.png r2-musiccontrol-volumeback-r300.png



Podcasts use the same button controls as music control, except that the Skip / Back buttons may skip OR fast forward/rewind 15-30 second intervals, depending on the music/podcast app defaults.


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