Dark mode [ELEMNT]

Display Mode toggle

A manual on-device toggle for display mode between light [default, and historically only option] and dark modes.  This feature is accessible only from the computer, not the ELEMNT companion app. 

datadark-render300.png climbdark-render300.png mapdark-render300.png



  • Gen 2 computers (BOLT v2 and ROAM v2)


  • ELEMNT BOLT v2 or ROAM v2 Firmware version: 16708+

Enabling the feature

On the BOLT v2 or ROAM v2 computer, 

  1. From the Ready to Ride start screen, navigate down to Settings using the right side buttons and select it using the bottom middle button. (Once a ride is started, this screen can be accessed by tapping the left side button to access the Menu screen.)
  2. Navigate down to Display Mode using the right side buttons and toggle between Light and Dark modes using the bottom middle button.
r2-r2r-settings-300.png r2-settings-displaymode-light-300.png r2-settings-displaymode-dark-300.png

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