What Is the Max Incline and Decline of a KICKR CLIMB?

With a KICKR v3, v4, v5, v6 or CORE

+20% / -10%

Exact maximums vary as dependent on bicycle size, wheel size, and trainer type.


Due to the increased height of the CLIMB with the CLIMB base adapter installed.

+20% / -8%

With a SNAP 

Due to the higher hub height

+13% / -15%

What are the best practices for using the CLIMB?

  • Before you ride, always reset the CLIMB to level by double tapping the center lock mode button, then counterbalance the CLIMB (like a pendulum) by raising the handlebars until the unit is off the ground, allowing it to swing freely and come to a complete stop before setting it back down. This ensures accurate positioning with the CLIMB centered below the fork to counter any slip which might occur on a ride.

  • Only counterbalance the CLIMB with your fork in the "level" position by double tapping the center lock mode button.

  • Check mounting before each ride to ensure both the front and back skewer are properly secured to the CLIMB and KICKR.

  • Keep the handlebars straight during the entire ride.

  • Ensure your Wheel Circumference, Bike Type, and Wheelbase are properly configured for your bike from the KICKR or SNAP page in the Sensors section of the Wahoo Fitness App. See full instructions here.

  • Always keep the CLIMB properly centered on your bike and trainer and on a level surface. Do not use "rocker plates" or other unstable surfaces with the KICKR CLIMB as these will void the warranty and may cause serious injury or damage.

  • Keep your riding area clear of obstacles and debris. Ensure your bike's handlebars (and other parts) can not impact other surfaces (like the Wahoo Desk) when in motion.

  • Ensure your riding surface is not slick and remains clean and free of debris. Use a mat specifically designed for trainers like the Wahoo KICKR Trainer Floormat for best results.

  • Always check your bike's components (especially the brakes) before riding outdoors.

Can I use my ELEMNT, BOLT, or ROAM with the KICKR CLIMB?

Connect an ELEMNT, BOLT, or ROAM to your KICKR and KICKR CLIMB system to relive the ascents and descents from your favorite rides or routes while training indoors. Control the KICKR from your ELEMNT, BOLT, or ROAM, or use it in passive mode with a third party app following our guide to Controlling the KICKR from your ELEMNT.

Note: the KICKR CLIMB always starts in locked mode for manual control to prevent it from moving unexpectedly. Double tap the center mode button on the KICKR CLIMB to enable unlocked mode for control through any app that sends grade data to your smart trainer.



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