Register a Wahoo smart trainer, bike, power pedal set, or other sensor [Wahoo app]

Register a trainer, BIKE, power pedal set, or other sensor

Wahoo device registration occurs automatically by pairing your sensor to the Wahoo app for the first time.


Pair a sensor

1. Open the Wahoo app.

2. Open the My Sensors drawer at the bottom of the Home tab.

3. Select Pair sensor (or the + sign if another sensor is paired).

4. Select the desired sensor.

5. The sensor is paired and thus registered.



oa-sensorpaired-crop-sm.png blanktrans300x600.png blanktrans300x600.png


Confirm device registration

You can confirm registration status by selecting the sensor and then selecting Sensor information on the sensor details page.


1. Select the sensor from the My sensors list.

2. Select Sensor information at the bottom of the sensor details page.

3. Look at Registration status.

wad-mydevices-bikeselected-300.png oa-sensordetails-sel-sensorinfo-crop-sm.png oa-sensorinfo-sel-registration-crop-sm.png

Please use this link to register non-power Speedplay pedals.

Please retain your original proof of purchase (physical receipt or web invoice) as this is required to pursue warranty claims.

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