Zwift One-year Membership Discount Eligibility

The offer

In partnership with Zwift, Wahoo is offering the opportunity to purchase a discounted one-year Zwift membership when you buy an eligible KICKR smart trainer or smart bike from an authorized Wahoo retailer. 

The offer is made available:

  • as a bundled purchase with an eligible trainer or bike at or OR
  • via email when registering an eligible trainer or bike, purchased from an authorized third party retailer, in the Wahoo app.


In order to qualify for the discounted Zwift membership purchase offer, all of the following criteria must be met.

  1. The smart trainer or bike must have been purchased as a NEW product from,, or an authorized Wahoo retailer.
  2. The trainer or bike must have been purchased on or after September 13, 2023.
  3. The trainer or bike model must appear in the list below:
    • KICKR

Accessing the offer

The offer can be accessed by purchasing the discounted membership as part of a bundle at or, or–

For eligible trainers purchased from an authorized third party retailer, the owner must:

  1. Download the Wahoo app for iOS or Android.
  2. Create an account (or login with a pre-existing account) in the app.
  3. Register the trainer by pairing it to the Wahoo app for the first time.

After device registration, an email will be sent to the email address associated with the Wahoo account detailing how to purchase the discounted one-year Zwift membership.

Note: If you have purchased a trainer or bike bundled with a discounted Zwift subscription on or, you will not receive a second discounted membership purchase offer when you register that device.


If you have met the eligibility criteria outlined above, but did not receive a discounted membership purchase offer, please check the spam filter of the email address associated with your Wahoo app account, review the directions for accessing the offer above again, and then submit a support request with the following information:

  1. A clearly legible image or screenshot of your original receipt/order invoice showing
    1. the retailer
    2. trainer or bike model
    3. date of purchase
  2. An image of the serial number of your trainer/bike (found on the non-drive side of a trainer's flywheel plastics, or the backside of the center mast of a bike, below the crank)
  3. The email address associated with your Wahoo account (to which you attempted to/wish to register the trainer).

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