Activity History [Wahoo app]

The History and Statistics tabs have been combined into a single History tab that allows for filtering statistical data by time periods and workout profiles. Individual activity details now offer a richer experience of summary data with the ability to filter graph components by data type or period.

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Statistics and Activity Summary List

The History tab consists of two primary sections: the statistical summary panel, and the activity summary list. 



By default, the summary panel lists aggregate statistics for all activities in your account history, providing overall time, average heart rate, calories, distance, elevation, and activity count.  Any activities that fall within the selection (in this case, all) will be presented in reverse chronological order (most recent first). 




You can also filter activities. All filter parameters are accessed from the filter/funnel button in the header.



The activities can be sorted by two parameters: time and workout profile family. Time can be filtered by day, week, month, year, year to date, all time, last (where you can manually input a count of days), and custom, where you can select a custom date range. Once a time period is selected, the most recent period appears with summary data, and you can use the back and forward arrows to move back and forward in the selected time period increments.  The summary values and activity summary list responds to the selection.

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Workout Profile Family

You can also simultaneously filter by workout profile family. Again, the summary data and activity summary list will respond to the selection.

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Activity Details

Completed workout activity details can be viewed by selecting the workout.  The activity details page will list the workout profile type, and the source of activity (the Wahoo app, an ELEMNT computer, or Zwift), the default title for the activity, the date, and time of the recording.


Sharing or deleting a workout / activity

Workouts recorded in the Wahoo app are shared to authorized third party apps by default. If a third party app was authorized after a specific workout was recorded, you can manually share an activity by selecting the three dots menu icon in the top right corner of the page and then selecting the Share button next to the third party app you wish to share to.  

You can also delete the workout from your account history by selecting the Delete Workout button.

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Editing Title and Notes

You can edit the default title for the workout / activity by selecting the title, entering your preferred title, and selecting the check icon.  You can also add private notes to the activity details by selecting the Notes panel, entering your notes, and selecting the check icon.


activity-titleedit-crop-sm.png activity-addnotes-crop-sm.png



Each activity provides some general summary details wherever available, including time, distance, elevation ascended, average power, heart rate, and cadence. You can drill down into more detailed values in each available category by selecting the icon for that category below the summary panel

  • sigma symbol for Summary
  • clock symbol for time
  • speedometer symbol for speed and distance
  • jagged line symbol for elevation
  • lightning symbol for power
  • heart symbol for heart rate
activity-details-crop-sm.png activity-summary-power-crop-sm.png



If the workout was recorded outdoors and contained GPS data, the details will contain a map of the GPS track that can be expanded by selecting the square button in the upper left corner.  Once expanded, the map can be collapsed using the X button.  You can change the map style between satellite and standard using the satellite button and between 3D and standard using the 3D button.


activity-map-base-crop.png activity-map-expand-crop-sm.png



In addition to providing static text data, the activity details offer an expanded dynamic longitudinal data chart containing all of the various data types. The x-axis can be changed between active time (default), overall elapsed time, or distance by selecting the gear button in the upper right corner. You can also filter by data type, toggling topography, speed, cadence, heart rate, and power separately by selecting the chart + button on the right side of the chart.

activity-map-base-sm.png activity-chart-settings-crop-sm.png activity-chart-datatype-crop-sm.png


Selection Summary

You are also limit the view of the chart to a segment of the activity by setting the bounds with the blue ball ends on the slider.  You can move either end separately, or, if you want to see how values changed across a fixed window of time or distance, you can drag the left-right arrow button to the left or right. You will notice that the selected window is shown on the map and the values in the Selection Summary below the chart.

activity-selection-map-crop-sm.png activity-selection-summary-crop-sm.png


Power Curve / Time in Zones

Finally, if heart rate and power data was recorded in the workout, the power curve and time in heart rate and power zones is presented.


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