Authorized Apps [Wahoo app]

Authorized or Connected apps previously found in the Profile tab are now found in the fourth section of the Settings page.

settings-authorizedapps-sm.png authorizedapps-crop-sm.png

At first open after the app update, any previously authorized services will need to be re-authorized. Once authorized, the service will show as authorized and note what functions that third party app is able to provide in this app.

Third party apps available for workout sharing

You can toggle on the ability to auto-email yourself your workout as a .FIT file upon workout completion.

Other third party apps currently available for activity sharing include:

  • adidas Running (formerly Runtastic)
  • Apple Health (iOS only)
  • Dropbox
  • Google Fit* (available soon)
  • Komoot
  • Strava
  • TodaysPlan
  • TrainingPeaks

The Wahoo app will now auto-share any completed workout to all Authorized apps. The only way to prevent this is to deauthorize the app. Greater sharing control is currently being addressed by our developers for a future update.


Deauthorize / Reauthorize an app

If a workout is not automatically sharing to a 3rd party app that you have authorized and will not if you attempt to manually re-share, the first step to resolving this should be to deauthorize and reauthorize the app to reset the connection between Wahoo and the app.

Navigate to the app,select the down arrow to the right to expand the section, and then select Deauthorize



The app should return to the Available Apps list, where you can select it and reauthorize it.

aa-authorize-crop-sm.png aa-authorizestrava1-crop-sm.png aa-authorizestrava2-crop-sm.png aa-authorizestrava-crop-sm.png

If an app will still not upload a workout, please submit a support request.

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