Athlete Profile [Wahoo app]

The identity and biometric data settings previously found in the Profile tab is now located  in the top tab of the Settings page behind your name and email address. 

home-settings-sm.png settings-athleteprofile-sm.png athleteprofile-crop-sm.png

First and last name data fields appears in our internal database and use simple text entry.

Biological Sex and Date of birth values are used to help inform your 4DP profile and rider type, and other default values. The Sex data field uses a basic drop down list. 

The Date of birth field will open a calendar.  Tap the down arrow next to Month YYYY to pull up a scrollable year list, tap your year, then month, then day.


Units of measure for distance, elevation, temperature, height, and weight can be set to metric, British imperial, or custom, with each unit set separately.  Height and Weight use simple text entry.



Country uses a text-entry based live search to generate a list for tap selection. Country names are based on current ISO 3166 values.

You can Log out of the app to create or log in with another account using the button at the bottom of the Settings page, one step back from the Athlete profile settings sub-page.

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