Ready to Ride [ELEMNT]

What is Ready to Ride?

Ready to Ride is a new pre-ride menu screen that provides fast, intuitive access to all of the commonly needed pre-ride functions on the computer: route and/or planned workout selection and a more detailed sensor status.

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  • Gen 2 computers (BOLT v2, ROAM v2)
    • Updated user interface showing expanded details of route or planned workout selected, and sensor connection, transmission, and battery status.
    • Phone, GPS, Wi-Fi, and computer battery status
    • Electronic shifter battery status data field
    • Post-ride battery alerts


  • iOS Companion App: 1.73.0+
  • Android Companion App:
  • ELEMNT BOLT v2 or ROAM v2 Firmware: 16473+

Ready to Ride Subfeatures

New pre-ride menu

The core of Ready to Ride is a revised menu with a refreshed user interface that will optionally be shown to the user when the computer starts. From this single menu you can [1] load a route or planned workout, [2] access other secondary settings, [3] quickly confirm that the correct sensors are paired, if they are transmitting any data, and their battery status.  [4] The menu will also show the time of day, phone connection status, GPS signal status, Wi-Fi status, and battery level of the ELEMNT.

rtr-route-settings-anno.png rtr-sensors-gps-anno.png


GPS, Wi-Fi, and phone icons at top of the page will flash while connecting, and then go solid once connected. You can now confirm GPS lock by a solid GPS symbol in the top bar in the same way that you could confirm successful phone (ELEMNT app) pairing or a Wi-Fi connection before.



Battery levels, both for the computer and sensors, will present with the exact battery percentage where available and with the following thresholds when a device cannot provide greater precision.



Certain settings, like LED and Backlight control, previously found in the top section of the Settings page have been moved to a Settings line item below Planned Workouts and above the Sensors list.  Additionally a quick access toggle to turn Strava Live Segments and Wahoo Summit features on/off has been added.



Electronic Shifting System Battery Status Data Field

ELEMNT historically has shown battery status for electronic shifting systems (Shimano Di2, SRAM eTAP) under sensor details. As part of Ready to Ride feature, electronic shifter/derailleur battery levels are available as a data field that can be added to any workout screen. Note: Shifter battery data is currently limited to wired shifter systems.

Shifter Battery and Derailleur Battery data fields can be found in Settings > Pages > page > data field > Gear Selection 

rtr-gearselection-crop-sm.png rtr-batterylevel-crop-sm.png


Post-ride Battery Alerts

If the ELEMNT or a paired sensor is in a low-battery state (below 25% charge) at the end of a ride, an alert will be displayed to the user on the ride summary screen to remind the user to charge their device.



Enabling the feature

Ready to Ride can be enabled using the toggle in the ELEMNT app Settings page under Customize.


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