How much space does a KICKR BIKE SHIFT occupy when fully extended?

When used with the stock handlebars, stem, seatpost, and saddle and fully extended (ie saddle at max height and front frame fore/aft extension fully extended and stem at max height), the BIKE fits into an imaginary box (rounded up to the closest whole unit) of:

  • 55 in / 140 cm length (back edge of flywheel to tips of shifters OR front foot) [green/blue]
  • 31 in / 78 cm width (outer edge of left rear leg to right rear leg) [red]
  • 44 in / 110 cm height (floor to top of saddle) [orange]

The floor area is  55 in / 140 cm length x 31 in / 78 cm width (created from the space from the front edge of the front foot to the back of the flywheel cover by the outer edges of the rear legs) [blue x red].

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