CLIMB Base Adapter


What is it? 

The KICKR CLIMB Base Adapter is an accessory base (sold separately) into which a CLIMB is inserted to provide extended stability when used with a KICKR MOVE.

The CLIMB base adapter is required when a CLIMB is used with a KICKR MOVE to avoid damage to the KICKR CLIMB or other property. The CLIMB base adapter accounts for the increased high and range of motion of the KICKR MOVE.


Installation instructions

  1. If attached, remove your bicycle and disconnect the power adapter from the CLIMB. 

  2. Remove the axle and hub adapters from the CLIMB so they do not fall out during the adapter installation. 

  3. Place the CLIMB upside down with the power dongle facing away from you and continue to hold it in place. 
  4. Take the CLIMB adapter and place the more pointed end over the pointed end of the KICKR CLIMB closest to you. 

  5. Start to stretch the CLIMB base adapter over the base of the CLIMB. 

  6. Take care to guide the power dongle through the cutout of the CLIMB adapter, holding it upward toward the base. 

  7. Place the CLIMB back on its base, reconnect power, reinstall axle and hub adapters, and mount your bicycle. 

  8. Connect your KICKR MOVE the Wahoo App, and check for a firmware update. You will be prompted to make a height adjustment for your CLIMB. This will level your CLIMB for use with the CLIMB adapter. 

  9. Your CLIMB is now ready to ride with your KICKR MOVE.

Important notes

When paired to a KICKR MOVE, the CLIMB will automatically adjust the neutral position of the front hub in the CLIMB travel range to accommodate the additional height of the Base Adapter.

This height adjustment will also limit the max downhill grade to -8%, down from -10%.

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