What is THR (Threshold Heart Rate)?

THR (Threshold Heart Rate) represents the maximal sustainable heart rate for steady-rate efforts lasting 30-75 minutes. The THR value is used to set heart rate training zones. Your heart rate value represents the third point in your normal training triangulation - Power - Rated Perceived Exertion (RPE) - HR.  Monitoring your heart rate relative to your THR allows you to better understand how your training is impacting your performance (when compared to other metrics like RPE and Power). 

Default (dTHR) / Cycling (cTHR)

The Full Frontal or Half Monty fitness assessments in our SYSTM training platform are the best way to calculate a truly accurate general or cycling THR value. While most of us ride inside to ride outside, it is often difficult to find a sufficiently controlled environment to complete a totally accurate test protocol.  For this reason, we suggest these fitness tests, completed on a KICKR smart trainer or BIKE in your home.  If you have taken one of the assessments in SYSTM, your THR will reflect the value established in the test. 
If you had a heart rate zone set established in the Wahoo app prior to the major app update in October 2023, the default heart rate zone set will reflect the zone values from the previous version of the Wahoo app to respect your established values.

If creating a new account, the default zones set is auto-calculated from biometric data (age).  We use the well-established Tanaka Age-based Max Heart Rate calculation and take 88% of that value to establish a default THR value.

defaultTHR = 208 - (0.7 x AGE) * 0.88

Despite being the best static formula available, this is, at best a gross generalization, and we strongly suggest taking one of the two fitness assessments for a more accurate, personalized value.  They are available at no charge as part of the app's limited free content.

Running THR

For a running-specific THR calculation (rTHR), please see our article on Running RPE, rTP, and RTHR.

Swimming THR

Similarly for a swimming-specific THR calculation (sTHR), please see our article on Swim RPE, sTP, and sTHR.

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