ZWIFT One-year Membership Bundle FAQ

What is Zwift?

Zwift is the app that makes indoor cycling fun, and delivers serious fitness results.

Join millions of cyclists from all over the world. Jump into immersive 3D worlds, challenge yourself on epic climbs, and ride on endless roads, all from the comfort of home. With racing, group rides, interval workouts, and structured training plans, Zwift can deliver serious fitness results.

What types of devices does Zwift run on?

Zwift will run on PC, Mac, iOS, AppleTV and a variety of Android Smartphones, Streaming Devices, and Tablets—so there's lots of options to build a set-up that matches your budget and needs. See this full list of compatible devices, on their support site.

Do I need an account to use Zwift?

Yes! You'll need an account to join our Zwift’s growing community. To make it easy as possible—you're able to create an account in-game, through their website, or even in the Zwift Companion (ZC) app

How do I activate my one-year membership?

To enter your unique code and activate your annual membership head over to If you’re new to Zwift, you’ll first need to create an account.

What if I’m already a Zwift member?

No problem! If you already have a Zwift membership, you can still redeem the 1-year code. This will take effect at the end of your current Zwift billing cycle. After 12 months, your subscription will auto-renew for another year.

You must activate your code on— codes cannot be activated through the Apple store. If you are a subscriber through Apple, see these instructions on how to activate your code.

If I return my equipment to Wahoo, can I keep my 1-year Zwift membership?

If you return your smart trainer or smart bike within 30 days of purchase, in accordance with our return policy, the transaction will be refunded, excluding any original shipping costs and international duties or customs fees, and your Zwift membership will end. If you want to remain a Zwift member, you must initiate a new membership via Zwift. Don’t worry, your progress and Zwift achievements will remain in your account.  Beyond 30 days, please refer to our return policy, and Zwift's Terms of Service.

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