KICKR BIKE SHIFT has two LEDs to indicate its power and connection status found on the left (non-drive) side of the head control unit (HCU) mounted under the stem.


White Wi-Fi LED

      • Slow blink - searching for networks
      • Fast blink - connecting to a network
      • Solid - connected to network

Blue Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) LED

        • Slow blink - standby mode
        • Solid - application connected
        • Solid + Fast blink - control commands

Blue and White LED OFF - Sleep mode (after 15min) or power disconnected.


In addition to disconnecting the power adapter at the back of the KICKR BIKE SHIFT, disconnecting the magnetic pod connecting the head control unit (HCU) from the rest of the bike will result in loss of function to the shifter AND the loss of connection to any paired apps/devices. Upon reconnection of the pod, the KICKR BIKE SHIFT's re-connection to the controlling app or device is dependent on that app/device's protocol, which may not be automatic.


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