Bicycle Frame Compatibility [KICKR MOVE]

This article addresses Bicycle Frame Compatibility for KICKR MOVE smart bike trainers. Please also review the article on Drivetrain Compatibility for KICKR and CORE.

Because of the wide variety of bicycle makes and models, it is not possible for Wahoo to guarantee the KICKR’s compatibility with all bicycles matching these parameters. To fully ensure compatibility, we recommend visiting a local Wahoo retailer to test your bicycle’s fit before purchasing.

Please take note of the Known Bike Incompatibilities listed below.  While Wahoo has conducted tests on KICKR safety and compatibility with certain bikes, the KICKR end user is ultimately responsible for ensuring that their bike frame is compatible with the KICKR trainers such that damage to the bike frame does not result from using the KICKR trainer.

Wahoo Fitness strongly discourages altering trainers to fit bikes deviating from the following specifications including (but not limited to) grinding-down components, adding washers, or improperly reversing spacers as these may void your warranty and increase inherent risk. Wahoo Fitness is not liable for any damage or injury related to improper installation, modification, or misuse of hardware.

1. Supported Wheel Sizes

Wheel Size ISO Description
650B / 27.5 inch 584 mm gravel, mountain
700C 622 mm road, cross gravel, hybrid
29 inch 622 mm mountain

Any size not listed in the above table is not compatible.

2. Supported Rear Hub Standards

Type Standard Description Uses Also Requires
Quick Release 10x130mm Common road
  • Adapter A
  • Adapter B
QR axle, included
  10x135mm Hybrid, legacy mountain
  • Adapter A
  • Adapter B
QR axle, included
Thru Axle 12x142mm Common road, cross, gravel, standard mountain
  • Adapter C
  • Adapter D
Your bike's thru axle
  12x148mm Boost mountain
  • Adapter C
  • Adapter E
Your bike's thru axle

If not found in the list above, your bike is not compatible. Specifically the following hub standards and bike types are incompatible:

3. Unsupported Rear Hub Standards/Bike Concepts

Type Standard Description
Quick Release 10x120mm Track
  10x126mm Legacy road, < 8 speed
  10x141mm Boost QR
Thru Axle 12x135mm Legacy Specialized SCS
  12x157mm SuperBoost mountain
Bike Concepts   Recumbent bicyles


4. Known Bike Incompatibilities

The following bikes are not compatible with KICKR MOVE.

The following bikes are compatible only when the following conditions are met:

  • Electric Bikes (eBikes) can be used on a KICKR or CORE when:
    • The motor is off and not providing any assistance.
    • The frame is compatible with our supported axle standards (see guide below)
    • The combined weight of rider, bike, and battery is below the stated limit of 250lbs/ 113 kg.
    • Additionally, Wahoo recommends reaching out to the E-bike manufacturer if there are any concerns regarding the bike’s integrity when used on a stationary trainer. 

5. Step-by-step Compatibility Check

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